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READ ME FIRST – CSW-71D and F-50 Helium Compressor


This replacement helium compressor is not to be used for trouble-shooting existing issues with your cryogenic system. This compressor is to be installed as a whole assembly per OEM standards. Before installing make sure all power is OFF. This unit requires 480VAC / 3 Phase / 30 Amp. Connect all power and install electrical cover BEFORE installing chiller hoses to reduce the risk of electrical shock. We highly recommend shinning a blacklight on the helium lines before connecting the helium lines in proper locations. If oil is found on helium lines, DO NOT INSTALL. Call the supplier for technical support. Ensure helium gauge is charged to the correct level. Before turning power on, it should be 1.65 mpa. When power is on, helium gauge should read 2.2 mpa – 2.3 mpa. 

Turn all switches *IN THIS SEQUENCE*
1st: Turn COLD HEAD DRIVE to the “OFF” position
3rd: Turn MAIN POWER SWITCH to the “ON” position
4th: Turn the DRIVE SWITCH on the front of compressor to “ON” position

If the compressor does not start, shut off the drive switch and main power switch, then shut off the 480VAC. Switch phase 1 and 3, then repeat 3rd and 4th step. If the compressor does not turn on, please call your supplier for further assistance.

This part has tamper-proofing in place. If part has been tampered with, without prior authorization, the part will be treated as an exchange and credit will not be issued.


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