Medical Imaging Equipment Servicing & Storage

Advanced Imaging Group offers a full range of cutting-edge medical imaging equipment service and maintenance solutions for MRI, CT and PET/CT systems. Our goal is to reduce downtime, maximize your ROI, and maintain equipment reliability. Our service engineers are specifically trained to perform preventative maintenance that will optimize your equipment performance and ensure patient safety. 

We offer:

  • Expedited Up-Time Service
  • Onsite CT and MRI Service
  • Customizable Service Solutions
  • Time and Material Service Solutions
  • Parts Only Service Solutions
  • Preventative Maintenance  
  • Magnet Maintenance
    • Cold Head and Compressor
    • Magnet Ramp and Shim
    • Live Magnet Monitoring
  • Cold Magnet storage
  • Full Mobile Solutions   

Our imaging equipment service plans can be tailored to your facility’s needs. At Advanced Imaging Group, we will help you design a coverage solution that meets the long and short-term goals of your organization. Whether you need occasional MRI service or a critical part replaced at the last minute, you can depend on us. To learn more, call 888-400-3979.  


Need Support?

High-tech medical imaging equipment is complex, which is why we offer best-in-class support solutions to our customers. 

Our support team consists of highly trained and friendly professionals with years of experience in the medical imaging industry.

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