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READ ME FIRST — GE 750W Control Panel


Proper Care and Installation Advisory for GE 750W Control Panels

The use of improper cleaning materials to clean and sanitize control panels may result in loss of operation and premature failure, which is not covered by warranty. 

Never spray cleaning solution directly on the trackball.

It is advised to only use an alcohol-based cleaner on a slightly damp, lint-free cloth to clean the trackball. Do not allow the cleaner to run down the sides of the trackball. Doing so can result in diminished or complete loss of trackball functionality.

With the exception of the trackball cavity, the rest of the unit has a liquid tight seal to protect the electronics.

The system should be powered off before installing the replacement Control Panel. Failure to do so could short circuit critical system components, as well as the panel.

This part has tamper-proofing in place. If part has been tampered with, without prior authorization, the part will be treated as an exchange and credit will not be issued.


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